Sunday, February 13, 2005

Knit yourself a "Katamari" hat!

Bill here. Last night Reba, E to the M and Emily happily knitted away as the boys (Ron, me and honorary boy, Reba) rolled up the world in the fabulous PS2 game, Katamari Damacy. Now we can mash the hobbies together!

The link actually goes to a site that is selling the Katamri hats, but I bet you clever lot can figure out how to make your own.


Blogger E to the M said...

But when I put it on will I be able to roll up the world?

10:40 PM  
Blogger spiritjess said...

OK, I find the hat a bit freaky, but if you wear it while knitting can you make a felted bag big enough for the entire world to be rolled up in? heh heh!

1:22 PM  

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