Monday, February 07, 2005

Strathaven folk knit themselves a room

This is Bill writing as Emily. From Austrailian News:

Imagine a room with 50s decor where everything's made from wool. Knitted cakes, teapots, cups and biscuits - even a knife and loaf of crusty white bread - while over in the corner sits a knitted valve mantel radio. The big question is - why?

Life in an old people's home sometimes needs a focus. Residents feel they've outgrown their usefulness, but don't want to just sit around passively. Imagine then if you could recreate the past, taking yourself back to a gentler time when life was simple, people were decent and fair. Now imagine if you could do it with just a few balls of wool...exactly as they've done at Hobart's Strathaven Home.

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Blogger spiritjess said...

I've knit alot of things, but I have never knit or crochet a cake. I'm not quite sure what I could use one for..

11:40 AM  

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