Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Margot Schips, is it really you? This woman came to our SnB on Sunday and she was really nice. I forgot to tell her that Emily Stoneking's boyfriend, Bill Simmon, posted on KnitKnerds an article about knitters who blog about none other than Margot, with a nice pic. Now here she is! Hope to see you again, Margot. Posted by Hello


Anonymous Margot said...

Hey knerdy knitter chix!

I had a blast knitting with you all on Sunday. Y'all were a hoot!All day I kept saying to Rob, "wasn't that fun?" Yes, yes, wicked fun.

He's noramlly not quite that quiet, poor dear had to count almost every stitch on those slippers. Those of you who've made that pattern will understand, I'm sure.

Jessica, you so totally should have run off with that sweater when you had the chance, it looks great on you. Nice job, Emily Stoneking!

Hope to see you all soon with needles in hand!

8:39 AM  
Blogger spiritjess said...

Margot, it was great knitting with you too, please come knit with us again and bring Rob.
And you're right, I should have run off with that sweater when I had a chance. Better yet I could just make my own!

9:59 AM  

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