Sunday, November 20, 2005

Knitting update from Jess

Due to an overload of school work, my knitting time has been limited. I have completed a few projects: a pair of socks (I am sock obsessed) and a dark purple scarf made from chinchilla. A brand of yarn, not the animal. Now that it has gotten colder and my major school projects are behind me I need to finish a pair of gloves I have been working on for six months and start on other warm articles of clothing, including a hat, other scarfs, and a sweater. By the way the gloves are electric blue, and should look pretty sweet when finished.I have the yarn for all of these projects, I just have not had the time to start them. I will try to gain access to a digital camera some time soon so I can actually post pictures of what I have been creating lately!


Blogger Margot said...

Great to hear what you're up to. Gloves and hats and socks, oh my!
Would love to see pix!

Thanks for all your comments on my blog! So nice to come home to them this afternoon.

8:41 PM  

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