Friday, May 19, 2006


Not that I need SEX (stash enhancement excursion) but I am cursing the fact that I pay my bills (and am therefore low on funds) because I want to drive to Mass this weekend. And as long as I'm wishing, I want to go next weekend too.


Blogger amy said...

Whoa. My "Knit Bits" page-a-day had the following for today's entry: "Knitting and a love of yarn are often inextricably linked. On the web, shopping for yarn is known but the acronym SEX, which stands for Stash Enhancement eXpedition." Blah blah, it goes on from there but how coincidental that you posted it today!

I went to NH Sheep & Wool last weekend and got a whole SACK of yarn for $32. $4 per skein and I got enough for a sweater. Needless to say, I wasn't able to commit to my one-year yarn diet. So sad. ... Whatever. I'm going to be able to make Rogue for $32!! (FYI: My amazing deal was brought to you by Bartlett Yarns)

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